Monday, October 10, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone?

When I first started this blog I thought to myself Really Cheryl. Lets see how long it takes for you to totally ditch it. You will probably only do 1 or 2 posts and then forget the whole thing. But months later here I am, still blogging, still documenting where life is taking our family.

And I must say I'm getting pretty comfortable over here sharing details of my family's life. I figure it's a win win situation:

1. My family can keep up with us as we work our way through this duty station.
2. Friends can keep up with us
3. And I know this is a long shot but maybe, just maybe, years from now my kids will be able to sift through my blog archives and see what their lives were like before their memories kicked in. It's a long shot......but who knows.


First off we've had a huge milestone in our family. When Matthew was first born people would always tell me to enjoy every moment because it passes so quickly. And I'm not going to lie. I would nod, shake my head in agreement, and say I know, I know. But deep down I was all when is he going to hold his own bottle, when is he going to walk, when is he going to talk, when is he going to feed himself, when is he going to go to school because mommy needs a little break during the day.

Here's a little trip down memory lane.....

waiting for your arrival

nana and boppy

you and auntie Sarah

You were such a beautiful baby

1st birthday. You were so sick and slept through most of your party

Happy 1st Birthday. My baby boy is already a year old

2nd birthday

1st time eating pizza

Happy 2nd birthday big boy. Where did the year go?

3rd birthday breakfast with mommy. I love how you only ate the tops of the donuts. And yes I think you did "eat" 6 of them

3rd birthday party

Happy 3rd birthday. You are growing up so gosh darn fast.

4th Birthday

4th birthday party

You were very happy with the Ironman on the other hand......=)

Happy 4th birthday big guy. I should have listened better when people told me how fast you'd grow up

Well it is. The whole school thing I mean. It's here and Florida has a program called voluntary pre kindergarten or VPK. It's not all about easing the kids into school by going 2 or 3 times a week. They go everyday, 3 hours a day, and they can only miss something like 2 days a month. Oh yeah! They have an attendance policy for preschool.

The first day he was pumped to go and I thought this was going to be an easy process. I was worried because Matthew is a homebody. He loves being at home, it's his comfort zone and he doesn't deal with change very well. But he got up in a great mood and even let me take pictures. He hardly ever lets me take his picture anymore. I guess he's grown bored with having a lens in his face every 5 minutes.

Poor kid woke up with a sty. Isn't that how it usually works out. Important day, important pictures and there is either a bruise, a pimple, a cut or in his case.....a sty.

I really want to say it ripped my heart watching him clutch his book bag as he climbed into the car and it did tug at my heart a little. But every time I started getting choked up he would turn and wail on his brother. really is going to be a good thing.

And the coolest thing about preschool, OK obviously his education is the #1 cool thing(yes there is a hint of sarcasm here), would be the nifty things he brings home for us to hang on the fridge. According to him I need to hang it high enough so his brother doesn't eat it. I'm not sure if the kids picked the letters themselves or with the help of a teacher but his letter fits him perfectly.

That kid can put away some Dunkin D.'s.

VPK eats up a good chunk of our day but I like to keep us busy from sunrise to sunset. Now that things have settled and the house is unpacked we've joined 3 local playgroups. I have also met some wonderful women at Matthew's school. I was a little hesitant joining playgroups because of past experiences but I've learned it isn't playgroups it's the women in them that can make the experience crappy or wonderful.

And the women here are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. They have all been warm, welcoming, and extremely helpful. I don't have pictures of playdates because #1: I'd like to know them a little better before scaring them with my mommarazzi camera and #2: some of the playgroups have rules about pictures, which to an extent I can understand.


Since the weekdays are filled with school, errands, and playdates, we try to soak up as much family time as possible in the evenings and on the weekends.

We recently checked out Glazer Children's Museum and I think we can add another membership we will be getting with our tax returns. Once again we were entertained for hours.

Check out this climbing thing. It goes pretty high and I thought Matthew would not go for it. He's our more...........cautious kid.

It's crazy how you think you know your kid but then somehow they always tend to surprise you. Homeboy rocked it like he's been climbing his whole life.

Nicholas is hardly cautious and would go head first off anything. We thought he would be safe in the fenced in toddler area, but even then he climbed up on a tiny slide and flipped head first off of it. Another mom looked at me like I was crazy because I didn't catch him when he flipped. Then she saw him do it again, again, again, and again. He's crazy I tell ya! Jacob and I had to tag team it at the museum. Nicholas really does have to have someone behind him at all times. Bless his little heart he just tries so hard to hang in there with the big boys. He does a good job for the most part.

There were just so many activities for the kids to do. Nicholas was hands down all over the place but Matthew is at that stage where he can actually engage in all of the different games, puzzels, crafts, and play areas.

Hang in there bud. You're almost tall enough to get on big boy rides.

And check this out. When you've had all you can take being inside they have an awesome park area outside. Breathtaking is the only way I can describe it. In the middle of the city they have this little piece of heaven for everyone to enjoy.

It's the perfect area to pack a lunch, a frisbee or ball, and don't forget your swimsuit. We are quickly learning to just leave a spare swimsuit in the car. Everywhere we go has something to do with water. Your kids can either run through the mist

Or you can go to the other side where they have a bunch of shooting fountains.

A little slice of heaven, right?

P.S. Can you believe we've already been here for a month?

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