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Even though our family had been staying busy, Jacob and I still had an important decision to hash out.  We really were torn between which house we were going to choose.  You can catch up here on the pros and cons we were weighing between the duplex and the single family home.  Each house had a strong argument and we were on the verge of playing rock-paper-scissors to make our decision.

With the help of a family member, to which I will be forever grateful, we made the decision to go with the 4 bedroom single family.  There is a moment almost everyday where my husband and I tell each other how much we love this house.  We are beyond fortunate to be able to call this slice of MCBH real estate Our Home for the next three years. 

Yes, there are some pitfalls in having to deal with Forest City but somehow it just melts away when I look from my front porch and see this Every.Single.Night.

Or this view from just a short walk up a hill.

Stunning, right?
We live in a single family, 4 bedroom house in the Mololani neighborhood.  Of course I asked to see pictures of the inside when Forest City presented the offer.  This is what they gave me
What in the fuck am I suppose to do with that?
A search on Google images was fruitless.

Now you know why I went knocking on the door asking the tenants if I could view the house.  So, for all you future MCBH families, I am writing this post specifically for YOU.  The Mololani houses, duplex and single families, have the same wall color, flooring and finishes on the cabinets.  Of course I would still try to weasel my way in to view the home but hopefully this will help someone out there.

Mololani Neighborhood- single family, 4 bedroom

Our house has some pretty awesome landscaping.  However, do not be foolish and think that Forest City will maintain it simply because it is in the front yard.  Yes, they are suppose to but they won't. Pinterest and a friend with a green thumb has been a blessing in helping me to figure out what is in the flower beds and how to care for it.

(Front porch)
(Half bath directly to the right of the front door.  Coat closet)
(Living room)
(Living room to the right and dining room straight ahead)
(Standing in the living room)
(Huge kitchen island.  Kitchen has 2 pantries and that is the door to the garage.)
(View from living room back to the front door)
(Lots of counter and cabinet space)
(I love my wall of windows)
(Upstairs landing)
(1st bedroom to the left, 1st full bath straight ahead, and 2nd bedroom located to the right.)
(1st bedroom)
(1st bedroom)
(2nd bedroom)
(2nd bedroom)
(1st full bath)
(Hallway down to the other bedrooms and laundry room.  Linen closet on the left.)
(Upstairs laundry room.  The sink is a blessing)
(3rd Bedroom)
 (Master bedroom)

 (Master bedroom)
 (Master bath)
(Master bath)
There you have it.  Know someone who is moving to MCBH?  Please share this with them!
Now comes the fun part.

Turning a house into a home =)



  1. Thank you so much!! We arrive in Oct 2017 and I have been trying so hard to see what housing looks like!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these!!!

  3. This is awesome. We have been trying to hunt down information about this specific floor plan for a bit too! Thanks a lot!

    1. You’re welcome! Enjoy your time in Hawaii! =)

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  4. Thanks for the awesome post! Would you mind sharing your rank and number of kids? We arrive in August and my husband is an 03, and we have our third baby on the way. We are praying hard for a situation like this.


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