Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Typical Saturday

I was sleeping so good Saturday morning. When I peeped my eyes open I could tell from the sunlight that it was still pretty early in the morning. My guess was maybe 7, 7:15 at the latest. Yes!! That means the kids shouldn't be up for another hour. I rolled over, snuggled back down into the covers and was getting ready to fall back asleep...

And then I feel a sharp kick on my lower back. I just laid there as still as possible. Maybe if I laid still long enough he'll just go back to sleep. And then Matthew, my almost 4 year old son, kicks me again. I'm not sure about anyone else but I do not like being woken up by being beaten on.

So I did what any other sleep deprived mom would do. I took Matthew downstairs, gave him his milk cup, a pop tart, and turned on the moose channel, aka Nick Jr. And then I went upstairs and laid back down. All I needed was one more hour of sleep....just one!

As soon as I got comfortable that's when I heard it. The baby was awake......Matthew had probably woken Nicholas up when he yelled as we were going down the stairs. So I gritted my teeth, got up, and went to get the baby. Needless to say I was already a little irritated.

But I'll tell you what. Nicholas is the happiest baby in the world. He really is. Very rarely does he get upset and he is always smiling. I can count on starting every morning with a huge smile and it really puts my bad mood in check. And sure enough when I peeked in his room there he was looking at me with a huge grin on his face.

His smile just makes my day!

But for reasons I haven't yet figured out, my kids can never be happy at the same time. When one is being a little angel the other is acting like a devil. Well that morning Matthew decided to be the one with a negative attitude.

As soon as I brought Nicholas downstairs Matthew started acting like a terror. I need more milk now, find my cup, don't talk to me, put Nicholas back in his crib......blah blah blah. I thought, "Oh geeze, here we go". And this morning we didn't have time to play around. My husband is deployed so on Saturdays I have to do the whole morning routine and get the kids to our soccer game. They needed to be fed, teeth brushed, clothes changed, uniforms put on, diaper bags packed, car loaded up etc. And this could take hours if one kid doesn't feel like cooperating.

Needless to say, it took almost 2 hours for all of us to get ready but we made it. AND bonus to me for not forgetting to bring drinks for the team:)

Alright, let me explain something when it comes to the under 4 Yellow soccer team. WE. ARE. AWFUL. The Bad News Bears look awesome compared to this poor soccer team. I think we lost every game during the fall season and it looks like we aren't going to break our losing streak anytime soon!

So everything started off pretty well.

The kids were stretching...

Patting down their shinguards....

And we even had a moment to try and get a few good pictures to send to daddy in Afghanastan.

The game starts and I'm thinking OK maybe the Yellow team will actually play some soccer. Oh was I wrong. Our team slowly fell apart about 10 minutes in.

One team member just wasn't feeling it

Another one just flat out refused to play

And yet another member had to be carried off the field by his dad

We were dropping like flies. Somewhere inbetween all the meltdowns and crying the kids did play something that sort of resembled soccer.

Final score of the game:

Red Team: a lot

Yellow team: very little

Next weekend we get to go through this painful process all over again. Good times....good times...:)


  1. Awww... Cheryl! How I miss you!!!! xoxox Here's to hoping that time flies and Jacob is back home safe and sound and very very soon! Lots of love! Call me sometime when you have two kids screaming at the same time and need to vent. Chances are, I'll be going through the same thing. ;) Love ya! (Oh, this is Kristen, by the way LOL) :)

  2. Hey pretty lady!! I miss you and I hope you are feeling well these days. How much longer do you have until number 3 arrives? Jacob is going to come home sooner then originally thought. YAY!!! Facebook me your number. XOXO!!


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