Thursday, April 28, 2011


I promised myself that when I started this blog I would post something once a week. That didn't last. April has been a crazy month both at home and at work. It has been a struggle for me and my students to stay focused at school. It's been a long ride since Christmas vacation and we were all ready for a break. Somehow we made it and now we only have 4 weeks until the kids take their End-Of-Course tests.

At home, life has been as crazy as a mad hatter tea party. My husband and I have been working nonstop to try and prep our house for the market. We repaired all the broken items I listed on a previous post, steam cleaned carpets, packed up clutter, packed up items we weren't using, cleaned walls, replaced window screens, painted trim, and added a little curb appeal.

Our flower bed was in bad shape. Oh it was ugly. I know I should have done something about it a long time ago but I'm a little scared when it comes to plants. Give me the chance and I could kill a rock garden.

However, I took the plunge and planted lavender foxgloves with ground cover ivy in between each one. It looks beautiful! The storms today made a lot of the flowers fall off but hopefully they will grow back soon.

Now let's hope I can keep them alive......

This month my family also celebrated a very special day. Matthew turned 4 April 20th. Time is passing so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that Jacob helped me change Matthew's first diaper. Might I add that this was the first diaper I had ever changed.

He was such a beautiful baby....I know all parents say that about their child but seriously he was gorgeous. And he was always so calm. Matthew only cried when he was hungry or needed to be changed.

When I was pregnant with Matthew people would always tell me to enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast. I get it now. My little baby is now a little boy. He talks like a little boy, plays sports like a little boy and next year he will start kindergarten.

Happy Birthday Matthew! Mommy and daddy love you so much and enjoy watching you grow into a little man ♥♥

And please accept our apology for planning your actual birthday party in May instead of in April. What can I say? Life takes over and sometimes when you finally get a chance to plan a party everything's booked for the month.


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